Planet Min-ra is just 1 month away from the star Nora. Nora is a star that is really shiny and this is the star that gives the light and heat to Min-ra just like the Sun gives the light and heat to planet Earth. Min-ra is 16 LY from Earth therefore this means that Min-ra and planet Earth have never really interacted that much. Min-ra is basically located in the opposite side of Earth, yet still in the same galaxy. Min-ra’s year is formed by 437 Earth days and since there is a huge change between seasons, these 437 days are divided into 17 season each formed by different temperature, sun-rise, and sun-lowering. None of these season are similar to the other because in every season there is between 10-15 decrees lower or higher and all of this changes help stabilize all of the planets ecosystems and more. Each of Min-ra’s days is about 36 Earth hours and of this hours about 20 are of daylight, 10 are of darkness, and the 6 left-overs are mid-day with a beautiful sun-lowering. Min-ra’s is about 1 of planet Earth and a half therefore this is the cause for the days to be longer and the year to be longer as well. The gravity in Mn-ra is about 3g which means everything is 3 times heavier than it would be in Earth. Therefore, a pillow which in Earth is something insignificantly heavy, in Min-ra it is something that for anyone would weigh a lot. 


A planet that has gone through a huge crisis, but comes stronger than ever.


Min-ra Celebration Music




After crisis and death came the new generation, The Terlians.



After crisis you do not forget, but you admire.



Age of improvement and advancement after ages of death and crisis.

Biomes and Ecosystems


A planet with a vast majority of ecosystems and biomes.



The government changes and gets adapted. We evolved.

Creatures and Plants

The planet in which the normal is weird for you. Plants that kill and animals that give.